Sapphire Pointe and Castle Rock are located in what is called a “high plains desert”.  Our altitude is approx. 6400 feet and higher in altitude than Denver or the areas nearby.  What that means is that our climate and growing conditions are different that than you may be used to.

Also, Castle Rock until recently, got most of its water from aquifers or underground wells.  Those resources have limitations, so the Town recently ran a pipeline from the new Hess reservoir to is treatment facility in Plum Creek, which provide more renewable water to the Town.

The Town and other municipalities, for that matter, are very big on conservation.

There is very useful web site from the Town which addresses this issue:

http://crconserve.com/   This is their WaterWiser site, all about conservation.

Another useful tool on that site, unique to Sapphire Pointe, is a weather station feed.  There one can find out how much water has left/evaporated from my landscape and from that how much I need to put back to maintain my yard.  That link is: http://crconserve.com/204/Weather-Stations

Consider taking one of the Town’s Water Wiser classes to learn about ways to conserve and use the water more effectively.  That information is also in their web site mentioned above.