Water Wise

Sapphire Pointe and Castle Rock are located in a “high plains desert”.  Between our climate and the altitude of approx. 6400 feet, growing conditions here are rather unique. Until recently, Castle Rock sourced most of its water from aquifers or underground wells.  Those resources have limitations, so the Town recently ran a pipeline from the Hess reservoir to a treatment facility in Plum Creek which provide more renewable water. Conservation of our resources is a very big priority.

Please visit the Town of Castle Rock’s Water Wiser website at http://crconserve.com/  to learn more about water conservation. Within this website you can also sign up to take one of the Town’s Water Wiser classes where you can learn about ways to conserve and use water more efficiently.

A local weather station feed on the Water Wiser website provides information on how much water has evaporated from your landscaping along with how much water you’ll need to maintain your yard. The Castle Rock weather station feed can be found here: http://crconserve.com/204/Weather-Stations